How much do tickets cost?

  • Tickets are sold as a single game ticket, two game ticket, or three game ticket pack.  
    Single game tickets are $7 
    Two game tickets are $13
    Three game tickets are $19

Can we just come in and play any day?

  • Yes, check the business hours and come on in.  A game of Laser Tag lasts 7 minutes, with a new game starting every 10 minutes.  Even if our birthday parties are completely booked, we still have a game every 20 minutes available for the public.  The games are first-come, first-served and we can fit up to 42 players in each game.  If your group would like to schedule a break in-between your game times to play in the arcade or eat, just let us know!

How do I increase my score while playing Laser Tag?

  • Inside of our arena are multiple targets, and power ups, shoot all of the targets for bonus points and an increase to your score!  Power-ups and bonus points are also given when you tag special targets, or tag your opponents!